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Mike Davies

...was born in Caerphilly South Wales, where he has lived all his life. He works as a builder through the day and in the evenings and weekends he offers his services to the spiritworld.

Mike had a normal upbringing in life but as a child he knew that there was something different about himself. From as long as he can remember he would see flashes of light and different colours but at the time thought it was normal. He explained what he was experiencing to his two sisters but they both didn't understand or experience it themselves.

As a result Mike decided to go to a local orthodox Church to seek answers and was told it would go away in its own time, but it never did. Through out his teenage years Mike learned to live with it still not knowing of what it was he was experiencing.

At the age of seventeen Mike took a friend of his to a local Spiritualist Church and went inside not knowing what to expect. After his first visit to the church Mike became intrigued and after a couple of months he began to understand what the difference was between himself and others.

On his way home one night after going to his local Spiritualist Church, Mike got caught up in an argument and heard a voice saying 'Watch the knife', the following day he woke up in hospital. Not knowing where the voice had come from he wanted to know and understand more. Mike continued going to church and after three months was invited to an open circle, where he sat for four months before taking part in his first demonstration of clairvoyance just before his eighteenth birthday.

From that day on Mike has never looked back and continues to work for the Spiritworld on a daily bases doing Church Services, Charity events, private readings, public demonstrations and paranormal Investigations through out the UK.

The Teams

Mike works closely with different teams who specialise in different areas. He has separate teams for Public Demonstrations, Charity Events and also for Paranormal Investigations. 


If you require any information or wish to contact Mike or The Team please e-mail


and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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